about ME

I specialize in designing intuitive websites and apps that minimize roadblocks for users and maximize goal achievement for organizations.

I specialize in entering into users' minds to understand their expectations when they interact with a website or app. I then combine this information with the organization's goals to create a design that is intuitive for users and effective in achieving these goals.

I majored in Economics and minored in Psychology at UC Irvine because I'm passionate about understanding businesses, markets and how people think. After 5 years of being a Director of Operations, I'm switching careers to User Experience Design (or UI/UX or UX Research) because I want to be in a field where I'm constantly learning and am being challenged to use my gifts and abilities to the fullest extent. I'm empathetic, creative, organized, and passionate about research and design, so naturally UX seemed like a great fit.

I'm extremely passionate about research, having a B.A. in Economics from UC Irvine. My background in econometrics, psychology, and statistical analysis has been supplemented by user interviews and competitive research that I have performed through my program at Designlab's intensive UI/UX bootcamp with over 540 hours of curriculum and projects. I am truly fascinated by what we can find through research.

Job Highlights


  • Creating designs for events for 7+ years in student services


  • President for Kaiser Permanente's Toastmasters Speech Organization (and VP of Education and Treasurer at different times)
  • Organizing the high stakes Doctoral Hooding Ceremony (Graduation ceremony for Ph.D students) at Fuller Seminary for 200+ attendees. No pressure.
  • 5 years as Operations Director for InterVarsity's Greater Los Angeles Region (managing logistics for 53 staff across 24 colleges and universities)

Just for fun

  • Runner up for area wide Tall Tales Speech Contest (I love public speaking and giving engaging presentations!)
  • I love bird watching! Ask me about it.

My Strengths

I am extremely responsible. It's my #1 Strengthfinders strength. When I am assigned a task, I will do everything possible to make it happen and you don't need to ask twice. Just ask any coworker that I've ever had.
As Director of Operations for 5 years, I learned how to manage hundreds of tasks to meet the deadlines and make all our projects and events a success. I learned to set my own timelines and I always planned for unexpected situations.
Research Driven
I am curious and I love doing research. I base all projects around research. I have a background in econometrics, psychology and statistical analysis and am truly fascinated by what we can learn through research.
Problem Solving
I approach problems as mysteries to be solved, as challenges to be overcome. I love gathering information and formulating possible solutions until an effective one becomes evident.

Hire a Responsible ui/ux designer or Product Designer for your team who has a positive attitude and is organized.